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Benefits and Services Delivery

Streamline the intake and correspondence process
Dramatically improve the process for providing benefits and services to those in need while increasing workforce productivity with Adobe Government Solutions.
Services selection

When people are forced to search multiple websites to look for information and applications, they may end up applying for the wrong services, which can lead to wasted time and effort — not to mention frustration — for the applicant as well as agency staff. Provide a consistent interface for all sites — or even consolidate onto one site, if possible — and provide automated guidance throughout the decision-making process. This helps citizens and businesses research, select, and apply for the services appropriate for their needs in a single online experience.
Forms selection and aggregation

If the wrong forms are completed or additional forms are needed, processing time and costs increase. Help ensure that citizens, businesses, and caseworkers are presented with all the necessary forms and adequate instruction.
Application completion

It's frustrating and inefficient for applicants when they have to fill in the same information over and over again. And for agency staff, rekeying the same information on multiple forms takes additional time, which diminishes overall productivity. Enable businesses and citizens to use a single wizard to enter information that is then prepopulated into the many forms required by agencies, offices, and service providers. Citizens and businesses can submit the completed forms online, send signed hard copies by mail or fax, or even deliver them in person.
Application routing

Manual processes are slow, costly, and prone to errors. They offer little transparency, which leads to numerous status requests. Enable correspondence between agencies and constituents regarding application status and steps to be taken. The communication (regular mail, phone, or e-mail) comes from a government entity and provides clear instructions.
Application review

Data for determining eligibility is not consistent. Routing paper files between agencies is slow, making collaboration between co-workers difficult. Using an automated application routing process, caseworkers can review information collected in previous steps, contribute additional information, collaborate with co-workers, and make a consistent determination of eligibility. Critical cases can be assigned priority status. Real-time collaboration across agencies can occur with virtual meetings.
Communication and provisioning

When eligibility is determined, people should be notified right away. When program details need to be communicated, all necessary information should be provided. Help ensure that communications are clear, complete, and timely by automatically providing a customized package of information about next steps, appropriate services, or reasons for denial. Also, track service quality commitments and find ways to improve by providing measurement and transparency for services delivery processes.
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