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Microinput and Adobe Solutions for Compliance and Collaboration

Life sciences companies are heavily regulated, yet compete in an environment of rapid product innovation and market movement. It’s a recipe for disaster that has produced several colossal failures over the years.

Microinput uses Adobe solutions to enhance collaboration and ensure compliance for life sciences companies. As a result, our clients get better products to market faster and cheaper, while maintaining compliance with all regulations. At the same time, their product pipelines maintain the flow of new ideas. Microinput’s Adobe solutions combine the familiarity, security, and visual fidelity of PDF, the business logic and data exchange capabilities of XML, and rich media communications capabilities that enable life sciences companies to:

Streamline the clinical trials process.
Reduce the cost of product development
Shorten development cycles with automated capture of fill-and-print paper forms
Increase data accuracy
Enable a more secure and compliant online collaboration environment
Increase effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging rich Internet applications (RIAs) to deliver information
Support SAFE digital signature and identity management standards
Solution Briefs
Electronic Forms for Clinical Developmentf (PDF, 517k)

Discover how Microinput eliminates paper processes with automated digital workflows that reduce time-to-market.

Electronic Submissions (PDF, 341k)

See how a life sciences manufacturer streamlines the collaborative processes of creating, assembling, and delivering accurate, approvable electronic submissions to achieve earlier filing dates, greater accuracy and quality of data, and ultimately, faster time-to-market.

Multichannel Communications (PDF, 177k)

Microinput clients can engage and influence busy healthcare professionals, partners, and patients with multimedia, on-demand communications.
Structured Product Labeling (SPL)f (PDF, 2.1M)

Comply with the SPL standard using Adobe FrameMaker software. This solution delivers XML-based product information to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.
DesAcc Health Data Explorer for Adobe Acrobat (PDF, 1.7M)

Convert paper forms essential for patient care under existing DICOM-based processes into electronic documents that improve productivity, increase accuracy, and ensure the quality of captured information.
Medical Imaging Solutions (PDF, 2.0M)

Microinput delivers full DICOM compliance for publications, presentations, and clinical content using an enhanced Adobe Photoshop capability. Communicate with MRI, CT, ultrasound, and other medical scanning devices to create professional-quality documents and meet all regulatory requirements.
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Adobe Solutions for Healthcare Solution Brief - [PDF - 292Kb]
The Future Content Imperative: The Role of PDF in Content Lifecycles - [PDF - 667Kb]
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Streamlining the Drug Development Lifecycle with Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Solutions - [PDF - 327Kb]
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